okay, they're almost complete again
Folder (DIN A4) with personal archive of press releases, posters, floor plans
corresponding punched-out pieces of paper sealed in small zip-bags
Publication: okay, they're almost complete again, 26 pages (DIN A5) & 1 lose page with a handwritten letter

They Printed It! focuses on invitations, press releases, and inserts made by artists. These apparently unimportant items are frequently over- looked and carelessly discarded. They are used for announcements and self-marketing, and are sometimes also artworks in their own right. 
(Press Release, Kunsthalle Zürich)

Invited through a program at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) Mächler reacted to the previously mentioned exhibition with her personal collection of press releases, posters or exhibition and event-related ephemera that she visited or was at least invited to visit. Due to her moving into another apartment in 2014, she archived her collection. Due to the absence of clear plastic folders, she carelessly punched the paper products so they would fit into a DIN A4 - folder. The results are missing pieces in the actual prints that she reassembled on the occasion of They Printed It! in order to make them complete again. In the publication she names the completeness, institution, artist(s), exhibition title and duration of the exhibition. On the right hand-side page are scans of the punched, confetti-like pieces of paper.

Shown at: They printed it! Kunsthalle Zürich 11/2015 - 01/2016

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