photo credits: hanes sturzenegger)

100%@work / do what you love
Workshop, selection of books, publication
Shopping, Wil (SG), organised by Arthur Junior
July - August 2016 

As one of 6 artists (collectives taking part in Shopping, an exhibition organised by Arthur Junior for ArtWil 2016, I was given CHF 1000.- at the beginning of the project. The money was to be spent at Obere Bahnhofstrasse in Wil (SG), where the exhibition was also taking place.
After finding two notebooks at Depot (a decoration supply shop) saying ‚100%@work‘ and ‚do what you love‘ I found it interesting that they were only available separately, as if one would exclude the other. During the exhibition a rearranged selection of adhoc bookstore’s assortment of books dealing with the relation of work and leisure time formed the base of my investigation.
Customers or people visiting the exhibition were able to get free drinks (paid by my Shopping-money). In exchange they could spend time reading books, my text and a think about the questionnaire that I had prepared and eventually draw a pie chart reflecting their life in relation to the topic. The collection of pie charts, research material and texts written by me formed the publication printed on the occasion of the closing event of the 2-week exhibition.