Foto: Helmhaus Zürich / FBM Studio Zürich

71% (play)
Audio-loop, 25 minutes, in English, on  4 speakers
Installation variable, in this case: carpet 5 x 5 m, stands for speakers, textiles

71% (play) is an audio installation consisting of four speakers, giving insights into a day of the protagonist, split into the speakers M1+M2(choir), M3 and M4. Their interaction is determined by messages she receives from apps specialised in sleep and  time management. She's currently in a transition phase from monophasic sleep towards a more timesaving polyphasic sleep, namely the Everyman sleep schedule, consisting of a 3,5 hours core sleep and 2 20min naps each 6 hours. A glimpse into a probably never-ending loop of improvement. Is there still time for spontaneous decisions? Is there still room for idleness? What's the role of the social environment?

exhibited at: 
Keine Zeit- Kunst aus Zürich at Helmhaus Zürich, 8.12.2017 - 18.02.2018
group show with: Magda Drozd, Willi Facen, Noomi Gantert, Susanne Hefti, Cécile Huber, Susanne Keller, Martina Mächler, Michael Meier & Christoph Franz, Peter Schweri, Klaus Tinkel, Patrizia Vitali, Daniel Zimmermann
curated by Daniel Morgenthaler and Simon Maurer